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  • Antique Bisque Size 1 Doll Arms

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    This pair of Antique Bisque Size 1 Doll Arms was originally attached to a ca.1910 Ernest Heurbach German doll.  Each arm measures 2.5625" (65mm) from fingertips to elbow with a 0.5625" (14mm) in diameter opening.  Both hands are in an identical position with an outstretched separated thumb, four fused and curved fingers, and a pinkie slightly raised above the others.  Wrists, palms and the underside of the fingers have definition lines.  A "1" has been imprinted into the top underside of each arm.  The hands were cast in two pieces, as they have faint seam lines down the length of each side.  They have been very slightly tinted pink with the right arm a touch pinker than the left on the underside.  These Antique Bisque Size 1 Doll Arms are in generally Very Good condition.  There is one tiny chip to the fingertip of the middle finger on the right hand where there appears to have been imperfections in the casting.  Ideal for use in art.