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  • Antique Bisque DEP Doll Head

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    This is an Antique Bisque DEP Doll Head, measuring 4" high and 10" in circumference.  The DEP dolls are called such as they have only the DEP mark and a size number incised on the back of the neck.  There is no doll maker's mark, letters, symbol or mold number present.  This head, marked size "6x," has large brown sleep glass eye (with an intense stare); dramatic painted dark brown eyebrows; long painted eyelashes (top and bottom); a slightly upturned nose with red dotted nostrils; a red rosebud mouth, open to show five upper teeth; full brightly painted cheeks; a deep dimple in her chin; and sculpted ears.  She has two 0.25" in diameter holes (one above each ear), a 7" in circumference oval opening on the top of the head, and a 0.5" in diameter hole in the bottom of her neck.  Maker and exact age are unknown, but she was probably made in the 1880s or 1890s.  This Antique Bisque DEP Doll Head is in Very Good condition.  There is a small crack along the top edge of her right ear which appears to have occurred during the firing.