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  • Antique Bird Ephemera

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    This item consists of five pieces of lithographed Antique Bird Ephemera.  They include: (1) 6" high by 4.5" wide Singer Sewing Machine Co. color illustration of the robin on a branch and its bright blue egg (no. 8 on The American Singer Series.  The back contains information on the robin and promotion of the singer sewing machine.  (2) 4.6875" high by 2.5" wide color illustration of the thrush singing on a branch and its name with a red T in a decorative border at the bottom.  Back is blank, but had been glued into an album.  (3) 5" high by 3.5" wide color illustration of two blue birds (one with a yellow and blue breast and one with a red and white breast) sitting on a fence before sunflowers making music (one holds the sheet music, while the other plays a trumpet).  The back is blank, but had been glued into an album.  (4) 5.375" high by 3.5" wide color illustration of five bluebirds on a branch with an embossed lace and flower border of daisies, roses and periwinkles (all three of wish can mean loyal and everlasting love).  The back of the card is blank with "Wendell P. Davis From B.A.K." written in cursive.  (5) 4.5" high by 3.5" high  color illustration of a robin sitting on a dogwood branch with white flowers in front of a barn in snow scene in a fan shaped form.  The back is blank but has vestiges of glue from being in an album.  This Bird Ephemera is in Very Good to Good condition.  Numbers 1,4 and 5 have no damage.  Number 2 has some small edge tears on top and Number 3 has a small area of missing paper on the top of the breast of the bird playing the trumpet.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.