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Antique Australian Photograph Of a Gentleman

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This is a sepia-toned Antique Australian Photograph of a Gentleman.  He is shown standing in what appears to be a paneled study with a low chair and stained glass lampshade at left.  There is a small decorative table behind him with a book, which he holds in his left hand.  His right hand is in the pocket of his trousers.  He is wearing a three-piece suit with jodhpur-like trousers, a shirt with an attached stiff white collar, a narrow tie, knee-high socks and laced ankle high shoes.  His watch chain can be seen arching across the lower part of his vest.  His short cropped and side parted hair, well trimmed mustache, and clothing suggest that this photograph was taken around 1910.   This gentleman stands very straight and stares directly at the camera with an air of wealth and authority.  The photograph measures 5.5" high by 4" wide and has been glued to a 9.687" high by 7.125" wide two-tone brown backing card.  The photographer's information (at bottom right) indicates that he was A. J. Brown on South Methven St., Perth.  This Antique Australian Photograph of a Gentlemen is in better than good condition with two fine surface scratches across his right hip left knee.