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  • Antique and Vintage Coins Belt

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    This Antique and Vintage Coins Belt is composed of 18 coins, 17 silver-toned rings (0.6875" in diameter) and handmade buckle parts soldered onto the backs of the two front coins.  The belt measures 28.75" long and has the following coins: 1863 Vittore Emanuele I 10 centesimi; 1917 Republique Francaise 5c; 1861 Victoria BG Half Penny; 1861 Vittore Emanuele centesimi; 1926 Vittore Emanuele I 10 centesimi; 1924 Ceskoslovenska Republika 50; 1918 Deutsche 5 Pfennig; 1922 Rijk der Nederlanden 1 cent; 1914 Republique Francaise 5c; 1890 Republica Mexicana centavo; 1906 Republica Mexicana 5 centavos; 1921 George V King Emp 1 12 Anna India; 1934 Estados Unidos Mexicana 1c; no date Deutsches Reich 10 Pfennig; 1925 Republik Oestereich 10 groschen; 1898 Russian coin; 1916 United States of America Filipinas 1 centavo; and 1858(?) French centime.  The coins vary in wear with the 19th century ones showing the most damage.  Maker and age are unknown.  This Antique and Vintage Coins Belt is in very good condition.  It appears that one attachment ring was soldered onto the Russian coin.  (See photograph)