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  • Antique and Vintage Calendars

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    This item consists of 13 Antique and Vintage Calendars, dating from 1886 to 1956.  These include: 1886 purple and off-white calendar/bookmark booklet with the face of a woman (5"x2.75") from Sterling & Mosher Booksellers, Watertown, NY; a late 19th century lithographed calendar sheet for August with fruit and decorative gold border (7.25"x4.75") from Home Insurance Company; March and June 1911 cardboard sheets with women (6.5"x3.5") from H. Herpolsheimer Co; 1913 and 1914 calendars (5"x3") from National Filler Co; September 1928 red, white, blue and black cutout calendar sheet with building and people (6.25"x3.5") from The Z.L.White Co; 1931 cardboard calendar with winter scene (6.25"x3.5") from Courier-Journal Job Printing Co, Louisville, Ky; 1932 cardboard calendar with jumping horse scene (6.25"x3.5") from B.H. Hockswender Co, Pittsburgh, Pa; 1932 six month blotter calendar with sausages (8.75"x3.75") from Swift's Dry Sausage; 1930's cardboard calendar of cartoon dog Bonzo in his dog house (6.5"x6.75"); 1936 blotter booklet calendar (8"x3") from Pfunder's Tablets, Minneapolis, Mn; and April 1956 cardboard calendar with pin-up girl on the roof painting a rooster weathervane (3.5"x6.25") from Neely Enterprises, No. Hollywood, Ca.  These Antique and Vintage Calendars are in generally good to very good condition.  Damage includes: tear at the top of the Home Insurance Company sheet; use, staining and wear on the Swift's blotter calendar; missing corner on Hockswender sheet; and missing month sheets on Bonzo calendar.  Ideal for assemblage and collage.