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  • African Carved Bone Figurative Pendant (Round Top)

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    This African hand carved bone figurative pendant measures 3" (76 mm) high and 0.625" (15.8 mm) in diameter and is characterized by a long face with a pointed chin; a square based nose; long, pointed horizontal ears; a round head with decorated top; and a three ringed decorated body.  The eyes and the repeated decoration are a simple dot inside a circle.  There are also concentric lines near the top of the head and at the top and base of the bottom layer.  There is a 0.09" (2.3 mm) hole that runs horizontally through the top.  The bone appears to have been colored with an amber dye (the bone is slightly more amber in color than what appears in the photographs) and the incised patterns have been emphasized in brown.  Country and tribe of origin and age are unknown.  (This was purchased from an artist who has had the pendant for over 25 years.)  In very good condition.