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  • 7" Antique French Jet Beaded Three-Tier Tassel

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    This 7" antique tassel is made up of French jet beads, an opaque bead with a rich, lustrous black surface and an irregular multi-faceted square/rectangular shape).  The 1" cap has a center ring of 9.5 mm rectangular faceted beads with 3 mm round multifaceted beads above and below it.  There are three tiers of strands (2", 3.5", and 5.5" long).  Each strand is composed of 1.5 mm beads with 3 mm beads at the bottom of some strands.  The simple 0.5" top loop has 1.5 mm beads.  Maker and exact age are unknown, although the style suggests that this was produced during the Victorian era.  This 7" Antique French Jet Beaded Three-Tier Tassel is in Very Good condition with no apparent damage.