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  • 44mm Praying Figure Milagros

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    These three 44mm Praying Figure Milagros were made in Mexico.  Each 1.75" figure has been cast in pot metal and is shown on his/her knees with praying hands held in front of his/her chest.  The two male figures (one gold-tone and one bright silver-tone) face left with their heads and torsos facing towards us.  They are similarly dressed in a short jacket, long pants and heeled shoes and may represent a boy rather than a man.  The silver-tone figure is much more roughly cast and about 2mm (0.0625") shorter.  The pewter-tone female figure faces right and is shown in profile.  Her legs are resting on a strip of ground and her hands are on an angle to her chest.  She is dressed in a long mantle, which also covers her head.  This milagro can represent both a woman and the Virgin Mary.  All three milagros have a ring cast attached to the tops of the heads.  It is assumed that these are contemporary castings.  These 44mm Praying Figure Milagros are in very good condition with no damage or wear.