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  • 32mm African Bone Bead with Eye Design

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    This is a 32mm African Bone Bead with Eye Design.  It has been hand carved into a rounded rectangular shape, measuring 32mm (1.25") long by 26mm (1") high by 19mm (0.75") thick with a 3mm (0.125") hole.  An eye design has been patterned into a diamond with a center eye on front and back and four eye "T"s on both sides.  The eyes have been incised and stained black.  This multiple eye design is often used to ward off evil and protect the wearer. The bone is probably from a cow with a variegated golden brown color added to the surface.  This 32mm African Bone Bead with Eye Design is in very good condition with no signs of wear.  However, one side does have three cracks (one running the full length of the bead) which have naturally occurred in the bone.