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  • 2 Linocut Abstract Borders

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    This item consists of 2 Linocut Abstract Borders which have been hand cut.  Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface.  The linoleum is sometimes mounted on wood but, for the two borders shown here, is mounted on stiffened burlap.A design is cut using a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge and then printed either by hand or on a printing press.  The black and white border measures 8" long by 1.5" wide and has a pattern created from a variety of different triangles.  The greenish-yellow border measures about 9.5" long by 1.625" wide and has a pattern created with irregular geometric forms.  Maker and age of these borders is unknown.  These 2 Linocut Abstract Borders have been used but are in very good condition with no signs of damage.