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  • 19th century Little Red Riding Hood Advertising Card

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    This is a 19th century Little Red Riding Hood Advertising Card.  The image, printed on textured surface, shows the fairy tale character as a young girl holding her red cloak (with a gold lining) wrapped around her.  Her long skirt and black high button shoes peek out beneath the bottom of the cloak.  She stares directly at us from beneath her wavy golden and auburn hair and her bowed red mouth is unsmiling.   She is standing at an open gate in the snow with the forest behind her and her filled basket in the snow at her feet.  The card measures 4.5" high by 3.0625" wide.  The back carries an advertisement for Dr. Jayne's Expectorant for use with respiratory problems and was distributed by the Irwin store in Wyocena, Wisconsin.  The front of this 19th Century Little Red Riding Hood Advertising Card is in very good condition with no wear or damage.  The back has small areas of missing print where it was most likely glued into an album.