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19th Century Hand Colored Portrait of a Man and Woman

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This is a late 19th century Hand Colored Portrait of a Man and Woman, measuring 8.75" high by 6.75" wide.  The portrait shows a seated man with his right arm leaning on a studio armrest and a standing woman with her right hand on the man's shoulder and her left hand holding what appears to be a small bible.  Both appear to be dressed in their best clothing, which is simple and austere.  The man has a knotted tie, vest and jacket (all painted in two tones of black), while the woman wears a simple dress (painted in two tones of black) and a white bonnet with long ties (painted white).  The armrest has been painted red.  Both the man's and the woman's eyes have been delicately drawn in.  This sepia-toned photograph appears to be a reprint of an earlier photograph (perhaps an ambrotype or tintype), suggested by the loss of some details and by areas of deterioration on the original photograph surface which can be seen on the bottom of the man's pants and on his left hand.  There is also what appears to be a small part of another image in the left hand corner.  This 19th century Hand Colored Portrait of a Man and Woman is in generally very good condition, particularly given its age.  There are some very small areas of wear on the black paint and a small piece of the board is missing in the upper right hand corner.