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  • 19mm Double Sided Meditating Man Beads

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    This item consists of 4 unusual 19mm Double Sided Meditating Man Beads.  The bead is composed of two cast metal pieces, seamed along the sides.  Each side shows a round man (possibly Buddha) seated in contemplation.  He has a round abstract face with almond shaped eyes, C and reverse C nose; straight mouth inside almond-shaped lips; and a U shape at the top of his forehead.  His round body has linked arms across his chest and open squatting legs with visible organ.  The bead measures 0.75" high (19mm) by 0.75" wide (19mm) by 0.5" (13mm) at center.  The holes are irregular in shape, measuring about 0.0625" (2mm).  The metal appears to be a highlighted dark gray pewter with black crevices and details.  Maker, country of origin, and age are unknown.  These 19mm Double Sided Meditating Man Beads are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.