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  • 1960s Japanese Made Fabric Clown Doll

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    This is a 1960s Japanese Made Fabric Clown Doll, measuring 11" high by 5" wide by 4" deep.  He has a painted woven fabric face with dark green cross and dotted eyes; exaggerated arched eyebrows; red dot nose; wide smile with white teeth and red smile lines.  His ears have been molded into a hard material beneath the fabric.  His hair is made from an orange-brown yarn topped with a black felt beret.  His lanky body with a large, ball-shaped posterior is dressed in a white knit shirt with yellow felt buttons; oversized red with black polka dots felt pants with black suspenders; and oversized yellow felt shoes with gray and white pompoms.  His arms are made of the same woven fabric as the face with his hands shaped like mittens.  There is a blue and white paper label marked "Made in Japan" beneath his left shoe.  Manufacturer and exact age are unknown.  This 1960s Japanese Made Fabric Clown Doll is in very good condition.  The color from his suspenders has bled on to the back of his shirt and is the only damage.