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  • 1958 Game Cards from A Children's Hour

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    These thirteen 1958 Game Cards from A Children's Hour (a boxed three game set produced by Parker Brothers) are a partial deck used in the game, "Porky the Pig."  The aim of the game is to score the greatest number of points by matching the cards in pairs, thereby developing a child's memory.  Each card, measuring 3" high by 2" wide, has an active animal, person, or object with a descriptive or alliterative name (printed below) and the sound they make (printed above).  The illustrations are cartoon-like and have been printed in red, yellow and black on thin cardboard.  These 1958 Game Cards from A Children's Hour are in Very Good condition.  Each of three cards ("Smarty" the Donkey, Woofy the Dog and Singing Sadie) has a horizontal crease which is barely visible and does not affect the integrity of the card.  Ideal for use in an artwork.