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  • 1950s Murano Glass Teardrop Beads

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    This item consists of twenty-seven 1950s Murano Glass Teardrop Beads with embedded wire.  Having been handcrafted, each bead has unique teardrop shape and varies in size from 0.875" (22mm) to 1.125" (29mm) long.  The translucent beads come in four colors: emerald green (2), deep rust (3), cobalt blue (3), deep turquoise blue (4) and clear (14).  Some have bubbles inside the glass.  Originally all of the beads came with a 1.5" (29mm) wire with pinhead embedded at the top.  Twenty-three have a full or partial wire (i.e. clipped and folded into a ring or hook) which has discolored over time.  Four of the beads no longer have wires.  These 1950s Murano Glass Teardrop Beads are in good condition with no chips or cracks.  Ideal for use in jewelry-making or other art projects.