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  • 1950s Cotton Doll Dresses

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    This item consists of three 1950s Cotton Doll Dresses, which should fit a 14" doll.  Measuring 7" long and 8" at the waist, this deep pink dress has a pattern of alternating hearts and a silhouetted woman strolling with a parasol surrounded by flowers in white, medium blue, navy blue and green.  The dress has a circular ruffled collar, cap sleeves, and a gathered waist with full skirt.  Measuring 6.5" long with a high 9.5" waist, this translucent dress has a background design of double line stripes over which has been printed red roses and small flowers with blue petals and green stems.  The dress has a circular gathered sheer white collar with red edging and sleeveless armholes with the same trim.  Measuring 6.5" long and 9.5" at the high waist, this translucent dress is made of white fabric with red Swiss dots.  The dress has a circular collar with white and red ruffled trim and sleeveless armholes with the same trim.  Makers and exact ages are unknown.  These 1950s Cotton Doll Dresses are in better than good condition.  The Swiss dot dress has a small tear in the edge of the collar and the floral dress has some very light discoloration along one side fold.  Most of the original snaps are missing.  Ideal for use in artwork.