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  • 1950s Chenille Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Angel

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    This is a beautifully detailed 1950's Chenille Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Angel, measuring 2.5" high by 1.5" wide by 0.875" deep.  She has a pressed paper head with painted closed, eyes with long lashes; arched eyebrows; a red dot mouth and attached curly blonde hair, topped with a brass halo.  Her body, arms and legs are made from white chenille pipe cleaners with red pipe cleaner slippers on her feet.  Her wings have wire borders over which has been stretched fine netting and accented with two gold glitter dots on each wing.  She is wearing a red and gold tutu skirt and has a gold paper dot below her chin.  In her right hand, she is carrying a candle with a gold Mercury glass ball base.  A white chenille pipe cleaner has been added for attaching her to the tree.  This 1950s Chenille Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Angel is in excellent condition, particularly given her age.  The only wear is to one gold glitter dot on the top of her right wing.