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  • 1944 Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry from Dogie Boy

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    This item consists of eight 1944 Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry from Dogie Boy by Edith Heal, published by Albert Whitman & Co. Chicago.  Armstrong Sperry was an American writer and illustrator of children's literature.  He studied at both the Art Students League of New York and the Yale School of Art.  In 1934, he lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a year, which inspired several of his books about the Santa Fe Trail, cowboys and Native Americans.  Dogie Boy is the story of a foundling who was raised by a group of cowboys and taught to look after the motherless calves.  He raises a blue ribbon animal, capturing the attention of the Colonel, who owns the biggest ranch.  The illustrations show Dogie in a variety of Western settings with vibrantly colored landscapes, Pueblo style buildings, bucking broncos, cowboys and a stereotypical image of a Mexican child with sombrero, serape and bare feet.  Each prints measures 8.875" high by 7.875" wide no border.  Colors are vibrant, including a frequently yellow background.  These Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry from Dogie Boy are in very good condition with no damage or wear.