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  • 1941 Illustrations of Laotian Tattoos

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    This item consists of eight pages of 1941 illustrations of Laotian Tattoos, taken from the journal, Institut Indochinois pour L'Etude de L'Homme (The Indochinese Institute for the Study of Man).  Over 100 black and white illustrations show both individual tattoos (animals, people, buddhas, magical beings, geometrics) and tattoo placements on the body (hands, torsos, backs, thighs, knees and calves).  A ninth page offers a bibliography of sources of these images with the text in French.  Each page measures 11" high by 7.25" wide and has black images printed on off-white lightweight paper.  These 1941 Illustrations of Laotian Tattoos are in Very Good condition.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.