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  • 1939 Danish Prints of Underwater Scenes

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    This item consists of four 1939 Danish Prints of Underwater Scenes taken from Dyrenes Liv (The Life of Animals) written by Alfred Edmund Brehm and published by Gyldendalske e Boghandel, Copenhagen.  Each print, measuring 10.75" x 7.5" (with an image size of 8" x 5"), has a colorful underwater scene of animals and plants (fish, crabs, mussels, worms, sea anemones, corals, and seaweeds).  Text (scene, common and scientific names) are printed in Danish.  The scene names translate to: Crabs from the Mediterranean (Krabber fra Middelhavet); Coral Reef (Koralrev); Marine Bristle Worms (Hav-Børsteorme); and Saltwater Mussels (Saltvandsmuslinger).  Illustrator is unknown.  Three of the 1939 Danish Prints of Underwater Scenes are in Very Good condition.  The fourth (Saltwater Mussels) has a water stain in the upper right hand corner which largely affects the border.