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1938 Anna Roosevelt Typed and Signed Letter

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This is a 1938 Anna Roosevelt Typed and Signed Letter on Seattle-Post Intelligencer letterhead, sent in response to the July 17th request of Mr. Ralph C. Richardson of Detroit, Michigan for an autograph.  Anna Roosevelt Dali Boettiger Halsted , the only daughter of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, was an American writer who worked as a newspaper editor, children's book author, and public relations person.  She was the editor of the woman's page of the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, a William Randolph Hearst publication, from 1936 until 1943.  Here, her position is printed as Associate Editor.  This letter measures 10.5" high by 7.25" wide.  The signature, written in black with a fountain pen, is "Anna Roosevelt Boettiger" and the date is July 23, 1938.  The envelope is missing.  This 1938 Anna Roosevelt Typed and Signed Letter is in very good condition with no tears, stains or fading.  There is a small crease in the upper right hand corner of the paper and a faint indentation from a paper clip on the upper left edge.