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  • 1936 Doctor Prescriptions

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    This item consists of ten 1936 Doctor Prescriptions, written in pencil by Dr. Guy L. Herman and Dr. M. N. York of Soccorro, New Mexico.  Eight of the prescriptions are from the doctor's prescription pads with each measuring 5.25" wide by 3.75" high.  One (5.375" high by 3.625" wide) was written on a pad with the heading: "Take this to Model Drug Company/ Mrs.  O. Leslie, Proprietor/The Rexall Store/ Phone No. 54."  One was written on a plain piece of paper, measuring 5" high by 3.375" wide.  All have: the name of the patient; the date; a handwritten number; drug name, amount and usage;the doctor's signature or initials; and what may be the pharmacist's initials.  Some of the drugs prescribed include Phenobarbital, Kali Citrate, Acetidine Tabs, and Calomel.   These 1936 Doctor Prescriptions are in Very Good condition.  They have slightly yellowed over time, giving them that look of age.  Ideal for use in collage or assemblage.