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  • 1936 Book Cover from Child-Story Readers Magic Stories

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    This is a 1936 Book Cover from Child-story Readers Magic Stories by Frank N. Freeman et al, published by Lyons & Carnahan of Chicago.  Each cover measures 7.75" high by 5.125" wide and are connected by a 0.75" spine.  The front cover shows an illustration of a boy with a feathered cap, knee-high boots, collared tunic, walking stick and money pouch striding outside a castle.  The image is in vibrant yellow, red and black against a  gray-green background.  The outside of the back cover is green with no embellishments.  The inside of the covers shows a continuous scene in gray and tan of a landscape with buildings; a bear in the woods; people and a dog walking a serpentine path to a castle; and a setting or rising sun.  This 1936 Book Cover from Child-Story Readers Magic Stories is in very good condition with some minor edge wear, particularly at the top and the bottom of the spine.  Ideal for art projects.