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  • 1931 Prints by Thomas Lamb from Runaway Rhymes

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    This is a selection of ten 1931 Prints by Thomas Lamb from Runaway Rhymes, a children's book with verses by Alice Higgins.  Thomas Lamb was an industrial and textile designer who began illustrating children's books in 1924.  His illustrations can also be found in The Tale of Bing-O, Jolly Kid Alphabet and Kiddyland Story Balloons.  Each of these prints measures 9.375" high by 6.375" wide with the image measuring 6" high by 4.125" wide.  The illustrations show a child fretting over a broken toy, dreaming of a adventure with a ship, peeking in a lit room, watering  flower garden, skipping with their shadow in the hall, giving a flower to mother, resting in the shade of a tree, playing hide and seek behind a chair,  and tucked into bed with toys.  There is also an image of a mother rocking a baby in a cradle.  All have been printed on a medium weight off-white paper in a pastel watercolor palette with accents of deep blue and/or brown.  These 1931 Prints by Thomas Lamb from Runaway Rhymes are in very good condition with no damage or wear.