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  • 1931 Book Covers from Health Knowledge

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    These are the 1931 Book Covers from Health Knowledge (The Most Essential Thing in Life), written by J. L. Corish, M.D. and published by Medical Book Distributors, NY.  Measuring 9.75" high by 6.625" wide, each deep brown cover has heavy embellishment.  In a center rectangle on the front cover are the raised title and subtitle highlighted in gold and separated by an embossed caduceus.  This is surrounded by a highly decorated, embossed border of swirling leaves and abstractly filled rays.  The book cover has an embossed leather-like surface with a shield reading "Kingsport Press Inc" and "Kingskraft" in the bottom right hand corner.  The inside of both cover has a marbleized design in shades of brown.  The covers are no longer connected.  These 1931 Book Covers from Health Knowledge are in very good condition with only minor edge wear and a very slight warp.