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  • 1930s Heart Shaped Valentines

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    This item consists of two 1930s Heart Shaped Valentines, each measuring 4.75" high by 4.5" wide and opening vertically.  The valentine on the left was produced by The Whitney Made Company of Worcester, Mass. This company made cards from the 1880s until World War II and was known for its valentines in particular.  The front shows a young girl in a plaid dress and big sun hat, who is standing at a door and holding a package tied with a red ribbon behind her back.  She is bordered with diamonds and hearts on gold and with tulip-like flowers.  Inside, there is a black and white line drawing of a coy young girl with her finger at her mouth.  The back is marked "Whitney Made Worcester, Mass." and has "To Lucile Myers From Signe Malmen" written in pencil.  The valentine on the right has color illustrations on both front and back: a windswept young girl holding six valentines, surrounded by lace doiley, red and white checks and yellow roses (front) and different young girl seated holding a bouquet surrounded by white hearts and flowers on gold (back).  Inside, there is a black and white illustration of a young boy holding a large valentine.  There was a pencil inscription but it has been erased.  Maker is unknown.  Both valentines have sentimental rhyming poems.  Both of these 1930s Heart Shaped Valentines are in Very Good condition.