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  • 1930s Hand Cut Silhouettes

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    This item consists of four 1930s Hand Cut Silhouettes, which were found tucked inside a scrapbook that had belonged to Nora Dobkins.  The four silhouettes show the same woman, possibly Miss Dobkins, in profile with two as portraits (one facing left and one facing right) and two as full length figures (one facing left and one facing right).  The woman is wearing a hat with a short brim and high dome, a long jacket with scarf, a below the knee skirt, and simple shoes.  Her curled hand has been cut out, as if she were wearing a glove.  Cut from glossy black paper, the silhouettes measure 3.5" high by 2" (portraits) and 8.25" high by 2" (full length view).  The full length views have been cut from two pieces of paper and glued together.  The portraits have been pasted on to white cardboard and the full length views on to off-white paper, which has been further mounted on to folded beige cardboard.  Maker is unknown.  These four 1930s Hand Cut Silhouettes are in very good condition. The portrait facing right has a small brown stain at the top of the cardboard.  The full length view facing right has a small piece of paper missing from the backing at the fold and light stains on back.  Ideal for use in art projects.