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  • 1928 Penny Arcade Card Pin Up

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    This is a 1928 Penny Arcade Card Pin Up from the Jewel series.  The card measures 5.3125" high by 3.3125" wide and has a purple and white photograph printed on cardboard stock.  The image is of a young woman who is covering her bare breasts with her arms as she coyly turns her eyes away from the camera.  She has dark brown hair, which is parted down the middle, and she is dressed in a very short multi-striped sarong and ballet slippers.  She holds a long Japanese tassel, which drapes down the center of her body to the top of her thigh.  She is standing beside a Japanese lantern attached to a long rope, which she has draped over her left forearm.  This card was produced by the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago, which is printed in abbreviation at the bottom of the card along with the copyrighted date, "Made in USA" and the word "Ivory" written in script.  The back of the card is blank.  This 1928 Penny Arcade Card Pin Up is in very good condition with no damage or wear.