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  • 1920s Photo Postcards of a Child in a Goat Cart

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    This item consists of three 1920s Photo Postcards of a Child in a Goat Cart, taken by the same photographer.  Each shows the profile of a dark haired goat with white stockings and muzzle, a long beard, and curved horns with a silver studded harness attached to a dark rattan cart with arched sides and large wheels.  Two of the postcards have the same image at different exposures with the lighter one having been sepia-toned.  They show a young boy dressed in white knickers and high button shoes with a bobbed haircut with straight bangs.  He looks straight at the camera and smiles.  The back of one is marked "3 years old  1921."  The third sepia-toned postcard shows a girl with dark ringlets dressed in a sweater with sailor-style collar and pompoms, white knickers, white knee-hi socks, and dark high button shoes.  She looks down and her facial expressions suggests apprehension.  Each child is shown holding the reins.  The photo appears to have been taken on a city street as there is both a cement sidewalk and a cement staircase.  All three of these 1920s Photo Postcards of a Child in a Goat Cart are in good condition with some minor creases and/or small stains around the edges.