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  • 1920s Lithographed Illustration of The Flirt

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    This is a 1920s Lithographed Illustration of The Flirt, which was found in a scrapbook belonging to Nora E. Dobkins.  From her note on the back, she received this from her husband on the first Valentine's day after their marriage.  She adds: "Some say it hit the nail on the head."  This brightly colored illustration shows a young woman from the end of the 19th century, dressed in a fancy double plumed hat, fur-trimmed and bowed jacket and muff, high button shoes, and flowered purse.  She is smiling coyly at us.  There is also a small drawing of the same young woman in the kitchen, showing surprise as she looks at the smoking food she has cooked.  It reads: "How she cooks."  The illustration measures 10.25" high by 7" wide and has been printed on thin paper.  It is marked "Made in U.S.A." but does not give the name of the illustrator.  This 1920s Lithographed Illustration of The Flirt is in good condition with its original colors.  There is a small tear on the top edge and small corner creases.  A part of the red paper album page is still attached to the top edge.  Ideal for collage or other art projects.