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  • 1918 Book Covers from The Patsy Book

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    These are the intact 1918 Book Covers from The Patsy Book, written and illustrated by Anne Anderson in collaboration with her husband Alan Wright.  Anne Anderson (1874-1930) was a prolific Scottish illustrator, primarily known for her art nouveau children's book illustrations and for her greeting cards.  Her style was influenced by her contemporaries, Charles Robinson and Jessie Marion King.  The front cover of this book shows a young fair-haired and blue-eyed boy with his hands in the pockets of his shorts and a whimsical look on his face  At his feet is young reddish-brown dog with a stick in its mouth.  The scene is predominantly in shades of tan, blue and green with a watercolor translucence.  The interior has a continuous image of a boy and girl blowing bubbles (left side) while the dog jumps toward the bubbles with one bursting in its face (right side).  This illustration is in deep-green on a taupe background.  The back cover is off-white paper.  Each cover measures 11.625" high by 9.25" high, connected by a 0.875" plain deep taupe book cloth spine.  These 1918 Book Covers from The Patsy Book are in Good condition.  There is edge, corner and spine wear; a cup ring on the front cover (between the dog and the boy); and light reddish brown stains on the inside of both covers.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.