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  • 1913 Book Covers from Rudimental Divine Science

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    This is the intact 1913 Covers from Rudimental Divine Science by Mary Baker Eddy.  Both the front and back covers have textured dark brown book cloth with a stamped border of berried leaf clusters, daisies (outside corners), and fleur-de-lis (inside corners).  The front cover has a central stamped gold circle with a crown pierced by a cross.  The words "Heal the Sick Raise the Dead Cleanse the Lepers Cast Out Demons" are stamped in the border of the circle.  Title and author are printed in gold on the 0.5" spine.  Each cover measures 8" high by 5.25" wide.  The interior of the covers is solid black.  This 1913 Covers from Rudimental Divine Science is in very good condition with minor wear.  The spine does seem to have slightly faded.