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  • 1910 La Flor de Victor Cigar Box

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    This is an apparently scarce 1910 La Flor de Victor Cigar Box produced in Havana, Cuba by the Victor Alvarez Company.  This wood box with paper hinged lid measures 5.25" by 3.75" by 1.3125" and has both exterior and interior labels, 1910 seal (broken), and interior paper insert.  Each 4.75" by 4.25" label, lithographed by Kruger & Braun of New York (as printed on the lower right hand corner), shows a distinguished man with long sideburns and a handlebar moustache who is wearing an ornate red and gold matador outfit covered with medals and a blue vertical sash.  He is leaning his left hand on an oval table covered with cigar boxes.  He carries a rolled paper in his right hand.  He is bordered on both sides by embossed gold coins.  Below him is written "Vuestro Amigo Victor Alvarez Habana."  The side of the box has been stamped Colorado, while the back of the box is marked "Factory No 4 23 district of PA 10" with a warning not to use the box or the stamp again for the sale of cigars.  This 1910 La Flor de Victor Cigar Box is in structurally good condition.  However, both labels are damaged (the exterior one has about 0.5" by 2" of staining on the right hand side, while the interior one has 1.75" by 3.75" of staining with small holes and a missing piece of the border on the right hand side).  The insert paper also is stained and has small holes.  Ideal for an art project.