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  • 1909 Japanese Photographic Postcards

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    This item consists of five circa 1909 Japanese Photographic Postcards, showing young Japanese women in traditional dress in the garden where they are fishing, talking, or strolling (4 postcards) and one showing them performing the tea ceremony inside a home.  All the postcards are standard size (5.5"x3.5") and have hand tinted kimonos and umbrellas in pastel pink, pastel blue, mustard yellow, burgundy, and green.  The four garden postcards form a set (as can be seen by the setting and the identical backs) and are unused.  The postcard with the tea ceremony has been written on (back and front) and was mailed from San Jose, Cal. on June 8, 1909.  It still has its original Benjamin Franklin one cent stamp.  All of these circa 1909 Japanese Photographic Postcards are in very good condition; the tea ceremony postcard has one small corner crease.