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  • 1908 Prints from The Roosevelt Bears Abroad

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    This item consists of nine 1908 Prints from The Roosevelt Bears Abroad, written by Seymour Eaton and published by Edward Stern & Co. of Philadelphia.  The book follows the explorations of a comical pair of bears (Teddy-B and Teddy-G) from the Wild West of America on their third adventure as they roam over Europe.  The bears' adventures, which were featured in a number of juvenile books over twenty years, are a playful parody of those of Theodore Roosevelt.  Fifteen color images and a postcard series were illustrated by R. K. Culver.  The prints offered here show: (1) the bears sharing a picnic in the woods with a Scotsman: (2) the bears at dinner with an excited French waiter; (3) the bears with little Hans of Amsterdam, who rides a straw cart pulled by a dog; (4) the bears at a Custom House with a gun falling out of their luggage; (5) the bears chained at the windows of a Russian jail; (6) the bears studying Latin in Rome; (7) the bears in the Alps imitating William Tell; (8) the bears crawling out of a canal in Venice; and (9) the bears greeted home at an American dock by Uncle Sam.  Each image measures 8.4375" high by 6.375" wide, including a 0.125" black border.  (Seven of the print pages measure 11.25" high by 8.5" wide and two have been trimmed to about 8" wide.)  The prints are on glossy white paper, which has slightly yellowed, with the original bold colors.  The backs have black and white line drawings, which further illustrate the story.  Seven of these 1908 Prints from The Roosevelt Bears Abroad are in Very Good condition.  Two have minor damage.  The print of the picnic has a crease along the left side of the page and the upper part of the image.  The print of Uncle Sam has two border tears, which go into the illustration about 0.5" on the right hand side.  Ideal for framing or for art projects.