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  • 1906 French Photographic Postcards of Belle Epoque Women

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    This item consists of four 1906 French Photographic Postcards of Belle Epoque Women.  Each card measures 5.5" high by 3.5" wide and has been hand tinted.  Three of the cards show beautiful young women with elaborate hairstyles and fancy dress (embroidered trimmed jacket; fur wrap; large lace collar), placed in a setting of flowers and/or foliage.  These cards were designed to be sent for holidays, reading "Bonne Fete," "Heureuse Fete," and "Bonne Anne."  Each has only the initials of the makers: a crossed N and L; SPR; and JK with an arrow through the center.  Two have saints names (Ste. Helene and Sainte Eugenie) written on the front.  All three cards have handwritten messages in French, including one rather lengthy text (see photographs).  Two still have the stamps attached.  The fourth postcard is of Mati-Hara, which was issued by the Lucien Walery Studios in Paris.  She is shown in a belly dancing outfit (hand tinted in pink and yellow), holding up a veil and smiling at the camera.  There is a studio backdrop with a Greek column and hillside landscape.  The card is marked: "Mata Hari," "Walery/Paris," an S in a circle, and the number 5116.  The card was written on and mailed.  It still has its stamp, postmarked "18 Juil 06."  All of these 1906 French Photographic Postcards of Belle Epoque Women are in good condition, although each shows signs of wear.  The Mata Hari postcard does have a scratch in the emulsion, which runs the length of her body and can be seen when the card is held at an angle to the light.