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  • 1902 Book Covers from Mammoth Story Book

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    These are the 1902 Book Covers from Mammoth Story Book, no. 220 in the Mammoth series published by M.A. Donohue & Co., Chicago.  Each cover measures 9.75" high by 7" wide and are connected by an intact 1.25" red book cloth spine, which has faded over time.  The brightly lithographed front cover shows a young girl dressed in an Edwardian pink and white frock, a large brimmed straw hat with oversized pink bow, black stockings and black shoes.  She has a kitten on her right shoulder, a basket of kittens in her left hand, and the mother cat striding purposefully beside her, looking up at her kittens.  The arched garden scene is bordered by Art Nouveau Style flowers, holly, and icicles.  The general background is vibrant with white and gold lettering.  The interior is filled with drawings of children involved in activities such as gathering firewood, making a fire, fishing, and having a picnic  The back cover is an image used on a number of books produced by this publisher, which shows Mother Goose with her goose at center surrounded by fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Little Boy Blue and Jack and Jill.  These illustrations are printed in red ink on white paper.  These 1902 Book Covers from Mammoth Story Book are in good condition.  There is edge wear, corner damage and slight wrinkling to the cover image.  There are vestiges of silver crayon on three interior illustrations.  Ideal for art projects.