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  • 1891 Lithographs from Swiss Family Robinson

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    These are ten 1891 Lithographs from Swiss Family Robinson, edited by William H. G. Kingston and published by George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, N.Y.  The illustrations are by an unknown artist.  They include: a man and a boy carving a boat; a boy with a bow and arrow attempting to snare a fish; a boy and a man on a rock with the boy pulling on a fishing line; a man, woman and boy watching a sow drink milk; a man watching a boy capture a wild horse; steer and dogs challenging one another; a boy and woman on the beach watching a dog dig in the sand; a boy startled by a monkey on his back; a boy getting ready to hit a dog with his gun beside a dead rabbit; and a ship at sunset providing supplies to a man in a small boat.  Each 5.75" by 4.25" image (on a 7.625" by 5.125" page) has rich, saturated colors and intricate details, which are highlighted by this 19th century printing process.  These 1891 Lithographs from Swiss Family Robinson are in very good condition.  One print has small tears along the border which do not affect the print.  All of the borders have yellowed around the edges.