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1869 Chromolithograph Print of Queen Radegunde

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This 1869 Chromolithograph Print of Queen Radegunde is from Thomas Wright's Womankind in Western Europe (from earliest times to the seventeenth century), published by Groombridge and Sons, London.  Queen Radegunde, a Merovingian queen of the 6th century, was one of the most celebrated and beloved holy women of her time.  She founded her own monastery, devoted herself to helping the poor, and was eventually sainted.  The print, measuring about 8.25" high by 6.25" wide, shows Queen Radegunde seated on a jeweled yellow throne with a white and yellow striped pillow(?) and holding a two-sided tablet and stylus.  She is colorfully dressed in a rose-colored wimple with large yellow circles; white dotted blue robes with a decorative green and white border and vermilion lining; white under robes with yellow trim; and blue shoes.  The illustration has been printed in vibrant colors with a solid shimmering gold background bordered by a thick deep purple and a thin red line.  "Queen Radegunde" is written in thin black block letters on the ivory-colored outer border.  This 1869 Chromolithograph Print of Queen Radegunde is in very good condition with no damage, wear or fading.