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  • 1798 Encyclopedia Astronomy Pages with Ghost Images Set B

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    These ten 1798 Encyclopedia Pages with Ghost Images Set B come from one of the first American encyclopedias, Encyclopedia or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature which was published by the Dobson publishing firm in Philadelphia.  Each two-sided page, measuring 10.75" high by 8.125" wide, has two columns of black type (which include the "s" appearing as an "f" typical of the age) and headings (some numbered) in the side margins.  Headings include texts such as: "Mr. Herfchel's opinion concerning opinion concerning the conftruction of the univerfe" and "Attraction an univerfal property of matter."  Superimposed on the text are the brown ghost images of the illustrations that appeared on the facing page.  These include planets, orbits, comets, stars, crescent moons, and circular diagrams.  The yellowed paper is lightweight with some rag content and a slight linear tooth.  There are some minor ripples in each page (which the photographs above have exaggerated).  These 1798 Encyclopedia Astronomy Pages with Ghost Images Set B are in Very Good condition.  These are not reproductions or scans.  Ideal for use in collage and assemblage.