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  • 10mm Turquoise Roundel Beads

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    This item consists of ninety 10mm Turquoise Roundel Beads in a deep blue color with varying veining (from black to brownish-green).  Each bead is unique with very slightly differences in diameter and thicknesses varying from about 0.0787" (2mm) to 0.1875" (about 5mm).  The holes also vary slightly in dimensions (from about 1.5 to 2mm in diameter). It is believed that this turquoise is Chinese.  It has been tested and is true turquoise, not dyed howlite or other stone.  It does not appear to be stabilized, having natural crevices particularly around the veins.  These 10mm Turquoise Roundel Beads are in Very Good condition and appear never to have been used.