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  • 10 Peruvian Painted Clay Chess Pieces

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    This item consists of 10 Peruvian Painted Clay Chess Pieces, including 2 towers; 2 horses standing on their hind legs; 5 conquistadors wearing gold and green breastplates, deep blue shorts and silver helmets and carrying green swords and mauve and gold shields; and 1 Inca warrior wearing a blue and white blanket and two silver feathers in a headband and carrying a silver hatchet and a gold shield with a face.  Each beautifully detailed piece measures 1.5"  (about 39mm) high and has been hand crafted from a terra cotta colored clay.  Maker is unknown.  Pieces are contemporary.  These 10 Peruvian Painted Clay Chess Pieces are in Very Good condition.  Some have very tiny chips along the edges of the bases, which are barely noticeable.  Ideal for use in an art project.