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  • Vintage Wheels (Pair from a Child's Wagon)

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    This pair of vintage wheels probably came from a child's wagon.  Each wheel measures 8" in diameter with a 5" metal hub painted white.  One side of the hub is significantly domed, while the other is almost flat.  The hard rubber tire measures about 1.5" wide by 1.5" deep.  The tread has 6 incised channels, which are crossed by 7 raised lines in a 3" section.  Both sides of the tires also have a 0.4375" ring with incised lines.  Unmarked; manufacturer and exact age are unknown.  In good condition with obvious signs of wear (chipped/scraped paint and some surface wear to the sides of the tires).  (Due to weight, shipping has been calculated for medium flat rate priority mail inside the United States.  For other postage options, please contact Uncanny Artist.)