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  • South American Spoon Style Tupo

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    This South American Spoon Style Tupo is a shawl pin made by the indigenous women or girls of the Andes in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.  Its design usually identifies the wearer's area of residence and often shows a fusion of Spanish Colonial and indigenous craftsmanship.  This tupo was created by altering and joining three existing spoons, which were then incised with a simple flower (in the bowl of the large spoon), striated edges (all three), and a cross-hatched handle top.  The handle of the center spoon has been worked into a pointed stem, while the handles of the smaller spoons have been shortened and curled.  The pin measures 9.125" long and 3" wide (at its widest point).  Maker, country of origin and silver content are unknown.  The tupo appears to have some age.  These traditional pins are rarely seen anymore, having been replaced with large safety pins.  This South American Spoon Style Tupo is in very good condition with no damage but all the wonderful imperfections characteristic of a folk art piece.