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  • Sculpted Hand Puppet (Grinning Man)

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    This 16.75" hand puppet of a grinning man has beautifully sculpted and hand-painted paper hands and head.  The head measures about 4.5" high and is characterized by a wide, slightly bulbous nose; brown eyes; well-defined and connected dark brown moustache, beard and hair; and wide grin of 10 sculpted teeth with a space in the middle.  He is wearing a green fabric hat with a yellow felt detail.  Both hands are closed with 3-dimensional fingers.  The sleeve of the puppet is deep blue fabric with a vintage hand-crocheted off-white collar and a yellow felt vest.  He has the look of a huntsman or similar fairy tale character.  This puppet was purchased from the estate of Santa Fe artist Melinda Miles.  It is believed that she made this grinning man towards the end of her life and that this is a one of a kind piece.