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  • 4 Small Hand-Painted Porcelain Faces

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    These four small porcelain faces were molded and hand-painted some time between 1983 and 1991.  The first (upper left) is a bisque young female adult face in relief on an oval backing.  The piece measures 2" high by 1.375" wide and has blue eyes, tinted cheeks, and a red smile.  The back is marked By (illegible) Molds, copyright mark, 1983.  The second (upper right) is a 1.5" high by 1.125" wide baby's face (glazed) with pale blue eyes, tinted cheeks, and pale red lips.  The edges indicate that it was broken from a larger piece.  The third (lower left) is a 1.375" high by 1.375" wide toddler's face (glazed) with honey blonde wide-swept hair, black eyes, tinted cheeks, and red bowed lips.  The top part of the back of the head is flat and the whole piece is hollow, making it quite lightweight.  The fourth (lower left) is the same young female adult bisque face as the first but without the oval edge and with the eyes painted looking off to the side.  It measures 1.1875" high by 0.75" wide and has flat edges with a hollow interior.  These heads are ideal for jewelry, assemblage, or other art projects.