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  • 26 Vintage Pink Plastic Figures

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    This item consists of 26 vintage figures cast in pink plastic.  The figures include: 10 female and 2 male dancers (dancing ballet, the minuet, flamenco, modern dance, and Russian and Mexican folk dance; a Native American boy and girl; a cowgirl; a man from China in traditional clothing; a clown; Bo Peep with a crook; a woman in a snowsuit, waving; 5 young girls in varying clothing and poses; a groom; and a nurse.  (Two of dancers are the same.)  They are highly detailed on both sides of each figure.  They range in size from the ballerina with raised arms (1.75") to a young girl in a skirted bathing suit (1.5").  All stand on a 0.75" oval base.  They are unmarked.  Manufacturer and exact age are unknown. All are in very good condition with no visible damage.