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  • Fiber Art Pin by Dorit (Native American Man)

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    This pin is a beautifully crafted, hand painted fiber art head of a Native American man, who is adorned with a fringed leather collar; a headband in a red, black, and white harlequin pattern; and turquoise, bead, feather and silver leaf ornaments embedded in his long black hair.  The piece measures about 6" long from the white feathers on the top of his head to the tips of his hair, while his head (with neck) is 2" long by 1.5" wide by 1.5" deep.  The face is intricately painted with highlighted deep brown eyes, thick black eyebrows, slightly smiling red lips, and age lines around his eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.  There is a fabric label on back marked "Dorit."  The artist's full name and the age of the piece are unknown.  In very good condition with no signs of wear nor damage.  Pin was purchased from the original owner.